ACT Prep is a course that allows students to prepare for the college entrance tests with a primary focus on the ACT test. This class is designed for Juniors and Seniors who want to score well on their ACT test or to improve their ACT scores.



The purpose of this one semester class is to help prepare college-bound students to score adequately on their ACT test and/or to raise their ACT score to a higher level. With renewed emphasis at the local, state, and national levels to improve test scores, ACT Prep is a course that was created to improve those scores. Since this is a Pass (S) or Fail (F) course, your attendance is a must in order to pass the course. You cannot complete the work outside of this classroom.


From now on, whenever you see the word “standardized,” think “predictable” instead. The ACT test measures what it says it does: academic achievement. It doesn’t pretend to measure your analytical ability nor your intelligence. The ACT tests the same information the same way, year after year. For example, there are always 14 plane geometry questions on the ACT. There are exactly 10 questions on punctuation. You can count on it. Even the way they ask the questions is predictable, based on the need for a standardized product.


The Act is a multiple-choice standardized test which is supposed to measure your knowledge on some of the subjects taught in high school. With breaks, the test takes about three and a half hours. It is usually divided into four sections which are always given in the same order.







You will receive intensive instruction in English, Math, Reading, and Science. Work will be primarily at the computer using selected software which was designed to prepare students for their ACT tests.

2,500.00  2,750.00 

When should you take the ACT? The test is given four or five times each year in most of the country, usually at 8:00 A.M. on Saturday morning. Most students take the test in the spring of their junior year or in the fall of their senior year. On certain dates, the ACT offers what it calls “Test Information Release.” If you take the ACT on one of these dates, you can, for a $14.00 fee, receive a copy of the test that you took and a photocopy of your actual answer sheet along with the correct answers.


In this class, we will learn test-taking strategies for the ACT test specifically which could also be applied to other tests. You will also spend a great deal of time practicing on ACT tests. We have CD’s for you to use at the computer to help you practice. I also have about 7 practice tests that I have purchased or had purchased for you to take. This is how you will study and prepare to take the ACT. From the tests that you take, you will discover your weak areas and you can work specifically on those areas to improve your score. If you really try to improve through the taking of these tests, you will find that your scores will improve. The more that you practice the ACT tests, the better you will become.



Lecture Main Focus Vocabulary Words Assignment
ACT Ders 1 ACT Basics: Scoring abd Pacing 1st: Abhor and Abbreviate

2nd: Abase and Abate

ACT Pacing and Scoring Worksheet

Questions 1-10 on page 19 and Questions 1-3 on page 21

ACT practise Exam 1
ACT Ders 2 How Important is the ACT?

ACT Exam practise

1st: Abase, Abate, and Abberation

2nd: Abberation and Abide


ACT kursumuzun İçeriği ve Kurallari

ACT practise Exam 2
ACT Ders 3 Examine Your Level 1st: Abort, Abject, Aberration

2nd: Abject, Abort

ACT practise Exam 3
ACT Ders 4 Vocabulary Review and TCA – All Classes: Abrograte and Abridge Create your vocabulary posters. Please see the powerpoint for complete directions.
ACT practise Exam 4
ACT Ders 5 Vocabulary Quiz and English Basics


Vocabulary Quiz:

All Classes: Arid and Assiduous

PowerPoint that will be discussed in class:
ACT practise Exam 5
ACT Ders 6 Basic English – Commas and Semicolons All Classes: Asylum and Benevolent English Basic Worksheets:
ACT practise Exam 6
ACT Ders 7 College and Career Research All Classes:  Camaraderie and Censure – Please look these definitions up on your own! College and Career Research Part 1:
ACT practise Exam 7





Your participation on the computer practices, the written practices, and the sample tests will constitute a portion of your grade. Each week you will receive a participation grade and every two weeks you will receive an attendance grade. If you are consistently absent, your participation grade will be reduced. You will receive 20 points per day if you participate in the classroom practices totaling 100 points at the end of each week. You will receive 10 points per day for attendance. At the end of two weeks, an attendance grade will be entered in the grade book. You will lose five of the ten points awarded each day if you are tardy. This is a Pass/Fail class; therefore, your attendance and cooperation are essential.




A completed PLAN evaluation or an ACT score that is below the minimum entrance requirements for Oklahoma colleges should be completed before enrollment in this course. However, students who want to do well on their first ACT attempt will be accepted. Students will also be accepted who have a score that is below scholarship requirements (usually this is 27 or above). Remember, for each point that you raise your ACT above 27 means approximately $800 to $1000 per year.




ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK allowed in the classroom.

Show respect and courtesy to everyone in the classroom including the teacher (which means no hats)

Accept responsibility for your actions.




Since you will receive an attendance grade at the end of every two-week period, it is essential that you understand the attendance policy.


Daily attendance is extremely important to your passing this class successfully. If unavoidable problems arise, see me personally for help in keeping up with assignments. You will receive 10 points per day if you are present. Since this is an ATTENDANCE grade, you must be present to receive the points. The only exception to this rule is if you were on a school activity trip.


If absenteeism becomes a problem, the student’s parents/guardians will be contacted so, hopefully, the situation can be corrected. Again, if unavoidable problems arise, see me personally.


Tardies will not be tolerated. You will find my classroom door is locked. If you are tardy, you must go to the office where you will receive a tardy slip. You will lose 5 points per tardy from your attendance grade.


SAT Subject    
MAT II 15 ders
15 SAT subject deneme (geçmiş SAT Subject math 2 sınavı)
1800 TL  + KDV

15 ders
15 SAT subject deneme (geçmiş SAT Subject math 2 sınavı)
Ders başına
230 TL + KDV
Ders süresi 90 dakika