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Casinosite Treasure: A Story About a Treasure Hunt

Casinosite Treasure: A treasure hunt set at the world of Tarot is one which I will wholeheartedly recommend for a family of mystery and intrigue. Place in the Victorian era, the story starts with the young woman’s husband leaving her in a hurry and carrying off with their own fortune. That sets the stage for her experiences in an attempt to recover it. The main characters are 3 boys, Edward, Jack and Peter, all of whom play an important part in discovering a grand conspiracy.

As the story advances, the Casinosite Treasure is broken into chapters that are devoted to the three protagonists. The very first chapter is placed in the home of Edward, in which he spends some time with his dad, going to the museum and the police station. Jack and Peter, both of whom also attend the house of Edward’s father, are then introduced if they run off with the cash. Meanwhile, both Edward and Jack are being followed by the boys’ school buddy, Mrs. Kittle.

The adventure, which takes place across many distinct places, is enhanced by the addition of many side quests. These permit you to solve puzzles and collect clues to be able to create the ending of each chapter as satisfying as you can. The adventure ends once you locate the secret treasure. In general, I was very impressed with this sport, especially given its premise.

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